CCLINC Electronic Catalog

CCLINC is a web portal to the BCC library collection.  Any book, DVD, or CD housed at BCC is available for easy browsing through CCLINC.  This is a useful tool for searching the BCC collection without having to physically be on campus.

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Additional information:   The CCLINC consortium is a library automation system incorporating forty-eight North Carolina Community College catalogues in an online catalog project. Via the statewide telecommunications network, staff at “CCLINC libraries” set up and share public logins, allowing them access to the other CCLINC library databases to locate requested materials not owned by the local library. CCLINC libraries have developed an active cooperative interlibrary loan network. The State Courier Mail Service is used to move interlibrary loan materials from one end of the state to the other (512 miles) within three days. Students at any CCLINC library had access to the library holdings of all the CCLINC libraries. Patron records were shared and library card privileges imitated the universal library card. As colleges begin offering more distance learning options, the CCLINC is even more important in meeting the educational needs of the students.

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