Continuing Education – Grants Programs

North Carolina Back-to-Work


The NC Back-to-Work program will provide short-term job training, third party industry recognized credentials, employability skills, advising, counseling, and career coaching.  This training is made possible, at no cost to participants, by NC Community Colleges providing such services to the unemployed, underemployed (insufficient employment), veterans and members of the N.C. National Guard.


All programs are short-term, lead to industry-recognized or state-regulated credentials and will help eligible recipients gain the skills and credentials needed to begin work immediately.  Students will be able to choose a career path from the following areas:

Building Construction Carpentry Technician
Computer Repair Tech./A+ Certification Electrical Technician
Electronic Health Records
Green Construction Rehabilitation Specialist
Heating & Air Conditioning Technician
Sustainable Industrial & Facilities Maintenance Technician
Plumbing Technician
Renewable Energy Sources: Biofuels
Solar Installer

  To learn more, please call 910.755.7378.

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