Sustainability through Innovation Leadership Center – Inspiring and Engaging Leaders

The Sustainability through Innovation Leadership Center, provides resources and training for business and industry on sustainability practices in the region. The center creates networking opportunities through events, workshops, and forums. Companies are finding that to compete in a rapidly changing world, sustainability is becoming the lens from which innovative ideas and opportunities are emerging (Deloitte, 2013).

Dedicated to inspire innovation through sustainability leadership.

Our goal is to build local and regional partnerships, create an environment where new ideas flourish, problems become opportunities, and knowledge helps grow your organization. The Sustainability through Innovation Leadership Center provides up-to-date sustainability resources and tools from nationally and internationally recognized organizations. The resources available add value to construction, manufacturing, small and large businesses, education, municipalities, healthcare, tourism, and agriculture.

We want to empower you with the tools necessary to innovate, incorporate sustainability, and create a competitive advantage 

Let us help you identify how to use your resources more efficiently, save money and be in tune with your community and its natural resources. Take advantage of the series of workshops available to learn what it means to be sustainable, the benefits of a life cycle analysis, how to measure and control your resources, and how to understand the benefits and best practices of sustainability.

The efficient operation of a facility is key in reducing the cost of energy intake; learn how to evaluate the benefits and challenges of renewable energy, the steps necessary to improve water and waste water management, the tools that help manage environmental regulations and compliance, the value of recycling and community collaborations, the impact of transportation n the supply chain, and stakeholder relationships for planning for the future.

Sustainability Accomplishments

The center’s accomplishments include:

STARS Report & Charter member
Sustainability Program at BCC


2010:  Green Information and Training Center established

2011:  First Sustainability Symposium and Expo for Southeastern NC, Solar Installer Program added, and Sustainability Forum created.

2012:  Second Sustainability Symposium and Expo for Southeastern NC and Green Building practices incorporated into trade programs.

2013:  Third Sustainability Symposium and Expo for Southeastern NC and The Sustainability through Innovation Leadership was established.

2014:  Sustainability Listening and Informational Sessions Launched.     Click here to review our Listening Session Summary.

Sustainability Programs Currently Offered

  • Trades
    • - Green Construction Rehabilitation Specialist
    • - Solar Installer
    • - Energy Auditor
    • - Weatherization
    • - Online programs: Ed2Go & Gatlin
  • Eco Tourism
    • - Kayaking
    • - Birding
    • - Sustainable Habitat
    • - Sustainable Tourism
    • - ETC
  • Business and Industry
    • - Online programs: Ed2Go & Gatlin (Link to programs)
    • - Green office Practices
    • - GRI Training
    • - Sustainability planning


Documents & PDFs

Current Program Offerings

Solar PV NABCEP Entry Level Exam Prep
Sustainable Winemaking
Business Sustainability Tools & How to Market Your Efforts
Creating a Sustainable Habitat for Landscaping
Money Saving Energy Auditing Tools for Facility Operators

2015 Sustainability Symposium Information


Marilyn Graham
Coordinator, Sustainability through Innovation Leadership Center

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