Continuing Education – Law Enforcement In-Service

The In-Service Law Enforcement Training Program at Brunswick Community College offers training for all active law enforcement officers, detention officers, correctional officers, Probation/Parole Officers, and others directly affiliated with law enforcement.

Training ranges from the State Mandated yearly topics, to generic, topic-based classes designed specifically for law enforcement personnel and those directly affiliated.    Past training topics include but are not limited to, Basic SWAT training, leadership skills and communication, defensive tactics including ground fighting, Counter-Terrorism, and various other non-mandated training.

For a schedule of upcoming topics and/or to request specific training topic(s) of interest, please contact the program coordinator.

Train at the level upon which your life depends.  The words, “I will remember it” have never outweighed the results of continual training!  -dwmassingale

For more information, contact Donna Massingale at 910.755.7388 or fax at 910.755.7411.




Donna Massingale
Law Enforcement Inservice Coordinator

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