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USE: NC LIVE is the most used research tool in the BCC Library.  Nearly every class at BCC (online and traditional) from Nursing to English utilizes NC LIVE to find current articles and journals as well as e-books and audiobooks, all of which is free of charge. To obtain the NC LIVE password, please contact the library at staff at (910) 755-7331 or (800) 754-1050 ext. 331 or send an email to blantonc@brunswickcc.edu.

DESCRIPTION: NC LIVE is a cooperative library service for students, faculty, business people, and residents of North Carolina. The website allows access to digital content such as ebooks, ejournals, streaming video, and downloadable audiobooks offered from a variety of vendors. The main partners in NC LIVE are the University of North Carolina Libraries, the North Carolina Community College Libraries the State Library of North Carolina & Public Libraries, North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities’ Libraries.

NC LIVE provides:

  • Access to an essential and powerful array of online resources to all North Carolinians
  • Complete articles from over 16,000 newspapers, journals, magazines, and encyclopedias, indexing for over 25,000 periodical titles, and access to over 25,000 online print books
  • Access free of charge to library patrons, students, and educators from four communities of interest (COIs) — public libraries, community colleges, the state’s university system, and members of the North Carolina Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Access from within an affiliated library or from home

Opposing Viewpoints

USE:  Opposing Viewpoints is an invaluable tool for any class at BCC concerning current events or controversial topics. This database provides access to quality research materials, including academic journals, newspaper, and magazines.

DESCRIPTION: The Opposing Viewpoints Database is a web service based on the Opposing Viewpoints series of books on current issues which seeks to explore the varying opinions in a balanced pros/cons debate. The series attempts to encourage critical thinking and issue awareness by providing opposing views on contentious issues.

Science Direct

USE: Science Direct is an essential tool for the chemistry and biology programs at BCC. Both classes frequently assign article reviews using Science Direct.

DESCRIPTION: Science Direct is a website operated by Elsevier containing about 11 million articles from 2,500 journals and 6,000 e-books, reference works, book series and handbooks. The articles are grouped in four main sections: Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities. For most articles on the website, abstracts are freely available; access to the full text of the article (in PDF, and also HTML for newer publications) requires a password.

A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy

USE: A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy is frequently used by the Anatomy and Physiology classes, CNA I and II and the Nursing Program at BCC. A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy provides detailed descriptions and images of the human anatomy that are immensely valuable to the Health Care programs at BCC.

DESCRIPTION: A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy dramatically enhances the study of human anatomy, physiology and related topics. Its detailed graphics, precision accuracy and advanced functionality have been combined with A.D.A.M.’s award-winning Multimedia Encyclopedia with over 3,600 articles covering conditions, disease states, procedures, treatments, surgeries, tests and more, over 3,000 illustrations, diagrams and photos and over 120 multimedia videos. An updated 3D image library also provides the best 3D anatomical images anywhere online.

It is the perfect resource to enhance your anatomy and physiology studies. With the newly added content, A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy is ideal if you are taking allied health, nursing, continuing medical education (CME) or other medical related courses requiring the study of clinical applications and concepts.

RN Database

USE: RN Database is a useful online resource used by the Nursing Program at BCC. RN Database provides detailed descriptions of exercises and journals used to support  nursing education at BCC.

DESCRIPTION: STAT!Ref® offers a suite of healthcare resources. By offering authoritative Evidence Based resources such as ACP PIER; ACP Medicine; and MedCalc 3000, STAT!Ref ensures that a wealth of critical, reputable information is available to you 24/7. STAT!Ref offers titles and journals from a wide variety of respected publishers and societies. Many of the titles available through STAT!Ref are included on Doody’s Core Titles (DCT) List. STAT!Ref offers a powerful search engine that is user-friendly and provides quick, relevant information. All resources in a subscription can be searched via a simple text query. STAT!Ref then presents the results in relevance-ranked order, and offers alternative search suggestions. Resources are also searchable through the table of contents by expanding text. STAT!Ref fully integrates search results with all titles, journals, and dictionaries , to ensure that users have multiple choices and search options from which to choose.

Library Access and Password Information

To access and use the databases provided by Brunswick Community College, you will need to obtain passwords from the library staff. To contact the library, call (910) 755-7331 or (800) 754-1050 ext. 331, or send an email to blantonc@brunswickcc.edu. Opposing Viewpoints and NCLIVE have simple passwords. Science Direct features unique, individual logins for each user, so there is a multi-step process to accessing this database. CCLINC have no password at all, but will require a library card to make use of the online catalog and hold functions.

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