I am a Dolphin – Student of the Month

Congratulations Kenedra Smith, our May Student of the Month!




Congratulations Carla White, our March Student of the Month!

Carla is a very determined and dedicated young woman and a very good student.  She is a single mother and, while maintaining a full time job, is pursuing training to be a medical technologist.  Carla is actively involved in the ACE tutoring program and takes advantage of all of her opportunities here at BCC.  She is a pure pleasure to teach.  

During the recent ice storm, Carla was concerned that she would get behind in her on-line homework assignments for CHM -132 if her power went out in her home.  Fortunately, she remembered that her car had internet imbedded in the car’s structure, so she made her arrangements to work in her car in the storm!! When the ice storm did in fact cause her internet and power to go out in her home, Carla settled into her car which had been proactively filled with gasoline and parked in her snowy, icy yard rather than in the garage (safety first).  She plugged in her laptop, turned on the car heater and , with the “smart car” running, completed all of her CHM-132 assignments!  Her instructor was aghast with amazement as Carla matter-of-factly related this to all of us in CHM-132 after we returned to school on Monday.  In addition, her fellow classmates were so impressed with her story that they unanimously and ardently insisted that she be nominated for BCC Student of the Month!!  What an outstanding example of dedication to the pursuit of education!! Go Carla!!!


Each month Faculty and Staff may nominate up to 2 students be to considered for the Student of the Month award.  Nominees are selected based on GPA, campus and community involvement and must maintain exemplary conduct.

For more information, please contact Julie Olsen at



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