New Student Orientation “OAR”

Welcome to Brunswick Community College and the start of a brand new life. From this point forward, many opportunities will become available to you. You probably already know that BCC offers more than 40 programs in fields such as business administration, health information technology, and pre-nursing that will assist you in preparing for a career after you graduate. Or you may complete one of our College Transfer programs and transfer to a four-year institution. These educational options will provide you with countless opportunities.

By attending one of the Orientation, Advising, Registration (OAR) sessions, you will begin your journey towards student success. You need to attend orientation for new students as research has shown that students who attend orientation before enrolling succeed at a higher rate than those who do not. Each OAR session will benefit both students and parents. Attendees will learn about academic resources, class attendance, financial aid, programs of study, the registration process, and student life at BCC. Further, a number of faculty and staff members will be available to answer questions. We would like the opportunity to welcome you to the BCC Family and help you make this very important transition.

Thank you for choosing BCC, and we look forward to seeing you at OAR!

Parents & Guardians do not need to register separately. Students should simply include their parents or guardians in the “Quantity” when making their reservations.


Click on a date to register:

August 3, 2016 OAR Session from 8:30-2pm

August 10, 2016 OAR Session from 8:30-2pm

In the meantime, you can view our Online Orientation Video to help you orient yourself to the College.

To learn more, please contact Student Services at (910) 755-7320 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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