Placement/Assessment Testing

Placement/Assessment Exams are required for students who enroll in curriculum programs. The results of these exams can identify if you need to refresh your reading, writing, and/or math skills prior to enrolling in curriculum courses.  Take this exam seriously!  Preparing for these exams could provide you more course options, which may save you time and money.  To learn more about our free math review sessions contact Academic Support by calling 910.755.7344.  To learn more about placement/assessment exams, click on the topics below.

Do I need to take placement/assessment exams?

What are placement/assessment exams?

What can I expect on these exams?

Is there a fee for these exams?

How long are the exams?

Can I use a calculator?

When will I know my test results?

Can I retake an exam if I believe I can do better?


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Contact BCC Student Services for any additional information on Placement/Assessment Testing, 910-755-7320.

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