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The applications of biotechnology using marine organisms is an emerging field. This curriculum exposes students to laboratory procedure, field sampling techniques, and the growing and culturing of marine organisms.  The culturing of marine organisms can lead to discovery of potential new pharmaceutical drugs, bioproducts, adhesives, fuel, cosmetics and natural products. Through this discovery process new products will be derived from these organisms creating an entirely new sector within the biotechnology industry.

Many marine species have biomedical uses such as horseshoe crab blood, which is used to detect bacterial endotoxins in injectable prescription drugs. In addition, sea cucumbers have a number of potential medical uses by producing anti-tumor and antibacterial compounds, and are capable of tissue regeneration. These are two invertebrates we have selected to culture in our facility. We also have a cell culture lab which includes many different species of algae that are used as a food source for the invertebrates as well as many other applications from biofuel to natural food supplements.

Coursework includes; basic lab techniques, genetics, recombinant DNA technology, cell culture, algae culture, invertebrate culture, fish genetics and breeding, marine biotechnology, and lab experience or aquaculture project.

Graduates of this program will qualify for entry level technician jobs in research and development, governmental agencies, or biomanufacturing industries.

Program highlighted in Business North Carolina, May 2014

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