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The Aquaculture Technology Curriculum prepares individuals for careers in aquaculture and management of aquatic ecosystems. It provides a broad background in science and math as well as specialized course work and practical experience in fish, shellfish, and aquatic plant production and management.

Graduates may find employment on private fish farms, private aquaponic farms or public aquaponic demonstration facilities, at local, state, and federal hatcheries, or at public aquariums. Graduates may also start new businesses in fish, shellfish, or aquatic plant farming, aquaponics, pond and lake management services, water garden management services, or aquarium management services for businesses such as restaurants or doctor’s offices.

How important is Aquaculture?

World aquaculture production of fish (including non-food items) accounted for approximately 44 percent of total production from capture fisheries and aquaculture in 2014 (Figure 1) and is predicted to provide approximately 62 percent of all fish for human consumption by 2030 (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2014).


Aquaculture Job Outlook for the United States

There will be additional aquaculture jobs in the future due to the demand for seafood and resulting rapid growth of aquaculture. For example, NOAA has a ten-year (2015-2025) plan for marine aquaculture and has estimated that by 2025 American aquaculture production could more than double, adding one million tonnes of production and 75,000 jobs to the industry.


Aquaculture at Brunswick Community College

Curriculum Programs, Leading to the Certificate, Diploma, and the Associate in Applied Science

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