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The biotechnology program gives the student a broad exposure to the applications used throughout the biotech industry. Specific biotechnology coursework includes bioethics, bioprocessing, cell culture, genetics, immunological techniques, laboratory techniques and experience, and recombinant DNA technology. With this background you will be trained to enter into a research laboratory or industrial production lab in almost any setting; pharmaceutical, research and development, chemical manufacturing, and environmental testing/monitoring, to name a few.

Some of the examples of the variety of labwork you will become familiar with is: DNA fingerprinting used in crime labs and multiple other uses in comparing DNA from different sources, large scale fermentation while making wine and beer, as well as genetically engineering bacteria, converting vegetable oil to biodiesel, growing and maintaining several types of cell lines, organisms and tissues and learning to work in a sterile environment to name a few!

What can you do with this degree?

The life science industry has grown 23.5% from 2001-2010 in North Carolina!


What is bio-science to NC?

  • Try 237,665 jobs
  • $59B/year
  • $14.8B payroll
  • $1.7B in tax revenue
  • 23.5 percent job growth
    More than 500 companies

(Statistics from NC Biotechnology Center)

Southeastern NC Biotech Companies:

AAIPharma, Quality Chemical Laboratories, Quintiles, INC, Modoc Research, Osmotica, PPD

Inclinix and Wilmington Pharmaceuticals.  – To see more at: Click Here

Biotech Related Continuing Education Courses Available:

  • GMP (Good manufacturing Practices) Certification
  • Sustainable Winemaking
  • Alternative Energy: Biofuels

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