Steps to Enrollment

1: Complete Your Application (Continuing Education Students click here)

2: Apply For Financial Aid

3: Schedule, Prepare For, and Complete the Placement Test
(Study Resources for Placement/Assessment Testing)

4: Submit All High School, GED, & College Transcripts

5: Register


Special Credit or “Visiting” Students

Special credit students are defined as:

1:  Already enrolled at another college or university and wish to transfer the credit back to that institution or another institution

2:  Are not seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate

3:  Plan on earning less than 15 credits

4:  Have no intention of applying for or receiving federal financial aid


 Registration Information for Special Credit students:

1: Complete Your Application for admission

2. Submit All Official High School, GED, and/or College Transcripts

Note: Special credit students will be required to meet all course pre-requisites by a demonstration of higher-level course or requisite completion on a transcript, professional or life experience, taking a placement test or proficiency examination, awarded an associate or higher level degree, or provide written documentation from a peer or senior institution to enroll in a specific course. Each official transcript may be necessary to show all or some of the pre-requisite completion. Please check with your advisor or the admissions office for pre-requisite completion.

3. Register with your advisor during the advertised registration periods listed here:


NC Residency for Tuition Purposes

For information regarding NC Residency for Tuition Purposes, visit

Additional Information

All students enrolling in an associate degree, diploma, or certificate curriculum at Brunswick Community College must be high school graduates or possess a GED.

The Admissions Applications is available online.

Curriculum students pursuing degrees and diplomas are enrolled at the beginning of most semesters. Generally, most students begin their program of study in the fall semester. Entrance at the beginning of other semesters is possible when the curriculum and class schedules permit.

Admissions Application forms may also be obtained in person or by contacting:

Student Services
Brunswick Community College
PO Box 30
Supply , NC 28462-0030
(910)755-7320 or (800) 754-1050 ext. 320

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