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Childcare Assistance Funds

Childcare Assistance Funds (CAF) are available to BCC students to offset the cost of daycare expenses for their children. For more information, visit www.brunswickcc.edu/childcare-assistance-funds.


Counseling services are provided by trained personnel. These services are available to students from pre admission through graduation. Counselors can assist students with personal concerns, educational planning, problem solving, goal setting, study habits, career, transfer to another college or university, and general information.  Contact 910.755.7324 for details.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is also available to assist students in selecting the appropriate program of study/career pathway as they enter the College. Career counseling can also assist students in the creation of resumes, cover letters, etc., to prepare for interviews, and to search for jobs and career opportunities after graduation. The following resources are also available to assist students in obtaining employability data:

NC Tower
NC Tower was released in late July 2014 as part of the Common Follow-Up system of multiple collaborating agencies tracking education and job information for students attending public community colleges and universities in North Carolina. This tool enables faculty, staff, students, and the general public to  look up information on graduates by program and the number working in NC, and their average salaries by year over time. While there are some limitations regarding small numbers of program graduates to protect student identity and/or programs, the information is very helpful to assist in identifying future potential salary.

NC Department of Commerce Workforce Development Consortium
This website provides a series of data tools available to the general public that relate to Hot Jobs that can be searched by type of degree level, region (including the Cape Fear WDB), industry projections, and more.

O*Net Online
O*Net Online is a tool to assist with both career assessment/interests and information on job requirements and training, salary information and forecast for employment.

For more information, visit http://www.brunswickcc.edu/cdc

Gainful Employment

While all programs at Brunswick Community College (BCC) are designed to lead to either employment or transfer, the Department of Education has mandated effective July 1, 2011 that institutions disclose specific information about programs that meet the federal government’s Gainful Employment Program definition. At BCC, these programs are either certificate or diploma programs that are also Title IV eligible educational programs.  To comply with the federal mandate, BCC has created the Gainful Employment Disclosure page for prospective students to access program information, including links to occupational information, estimated cost of program, normal time for program completion, median debt at program completion, and job placement rate for program completers, if available.

Please select from the list below to view information about the BCC programs that meet the Gainful Employment Program definition. For programs with less than 10 graduates, the institution is exempt from disclosing median debt amounts and on-time completion rates (designated by n/a). BCC does not provide on-campus living facilities, so room and board costs are not applicable.


Housing for students is not provided on campus. Students seeking assistance with housing needs may contact a local real estate company or see what is available on-line in the Brunswick Beacon at http://www.brunswickbeacon.com/ and the State Port Pilot at http://stateportpilot.com/.

ID/Library Cards

Curriculum students currently attending BCC are required to have a college identification card. This card is also used for access to library services. The initial identification card is provided at no charge to the student. Replacement college identification cards must be purchased at a cost of $5.00 per card.

Minority Male Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Minority Male Mentoring program is to improve the persistence of minority males toward successfully completing their education goals. This program provides activities, services, and resources to promote personal development and academic success. Among these activities are tutoring, seminars, and individual planning meetings. Strategies are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student. Additional information is available in the Academic Support Office or by telephone 910.755.7344.

Title IX

To read our full Title IX  information, please click HERE.

Additional Information

For complete information on textbooks and course materials, please visit our campus bookstore at www.BrunswickCCBooks.com.

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