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Have you prepared to take the COMPASS placement test?

The COMPASS placement test is one of the most important tests you will take at Brunswick Community College. While the test does not determine if you get into BCC, it does determine if you qualify to take college-level courses or if you will be required to take developmental courses prior to starting your college-level coursework. This will significantly limit the courses you may be able to take, and add to the total cost and time of your education.

Preparation Can Save You Time and Money

Placement tests do not determine if you are admitted, but they do determine whether or not you can take college-level courses, or if you need to complete developmental review courses before taking college-level coursework. Preparing yourself for the placement test, by reviewing and taking practice tests, can save you lots of time and money. Based on your placement scores, there are up to 8 levels of mathematics review and up to 3 levels of Writing (English) review.

Each developmental course you place into will cost you extra time and money to complete. Please look at the chart below to see the time and money required for each of these developmental courses at BCC:

Course Number Length of Course In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition
ENG-075 One Semester $345.00 $1,305.00
ENG-085 One Semester 345.00 1,305.00
ENG-095 One Semester 345.00 1,305.00
DMA-010 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-020 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-030 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-040 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-050 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-060 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-070 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00
DMA-080 One 4-Week Session 69.00 261.00

Practice Makes Perfect!

We strongly encourage all students to click on the 3 links below to take a sample writing, reading, and math tests. These practice tests will give you a chance to see what the real test is like, and also identify areas you need some review in before taking your placement test.

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