Study Resources for Placement/Assessment Testing

There are many resources that can provide you with the best practices, strategies, and tools to help you refresh and improve your reading, writing, and math skills.

General Resources – Test Prep/Math/English

Placement Test
Classic Accuplacer:  General information about the placement test and practice questions

Central Piedmont Community College Review Videos and Practice Tests for Accuplacer English and Math
EdReady Review Videos and Practice Tests for Math Placement Tests (Accuplacer & Compass)
Kahn Academy “Test-Prep” and “SAT” links contain study resources.

Math Resources

Udacity Introductory Algebra Review
Cool Math Operations with Integers (DMA010)
Fractions (DMA-020)
Decimals (DMA-020)
Percentages (DMA-030)
Introduction to Solving Equations (DMA-040)
Introduction to Graphing and Linear Equations (DMA-050)
Polynomials and Factoring (DMA-060)
Factoring (DMA-060)
Solving Quadratic Equations

Reading and Writing Resources

Cengage Learning Reading and Writing Instruction
ESL Resource Center Reading and Writing Instruction
Web Design