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Computer Training

Introduction to Microsoft Excel                                               

Start date: June 22                             Cost $130                    Section #38654

This course will introduce students to Microsoft Excel interface, commands, and features to present, analyze, and manipulate various types of data. Instruction will also include practical ways in which users can manage workbooks as well as how to manipulate and format data.

Computer requirements:   Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP, and Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft Excel Home and Student 2010 or Microsoft Office 2010 (the Home and Student Edition or Standard Edition of Microsoft Office 2010 is acceptable). Please be sure to install the software on your computer before the course begins. This course is not suitable for users of older versions of Microsoft Excel.

Required Text: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 QuickSteps 2nd Ed.

ISBN-13: 978-0071634892

ISBN-10: 0071634894


Introduction to Microsoft Word & PowerPoint                      

Start date: June 1                              Cost $130                    Section #38653

This course will provide students with practical instruction that utilizes Microsoft Word interface, commands, and features to create, enhance, customize, share and create complex documents, and publish them. Students will also learn to use the Microsoft PowerPoint interface, commands, and features to create, enhance, customize, and deliver presentations that are useful for work, school, and personal enrichment.

Computer requirements for MS Word: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student, Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business, or Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Computer requirements for Microsoft PowerPoint: Windows 7, Vista, or XP with Service Pack 3; Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or Microsoft Office Professional 2010.

Required Text:
-Microsoft Office Word 2010 QuickSteps 2nd Ed.
ISBN-13: 978-0071634878
ISBN-10: 9780071634878

-Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 QuickSteps 2nd Ed.
ISBN-13: 978-0071634915
ISBN-10: 0071634916



Microsoft Office 2019/365 Value Suite

Start dates: June 17th & July 15th       Cost: $326       Online Platform: Ed2Go (Click here to register)

With more than one billion users worldwide, Microsoft Office remains the world’s most popular business productivity software suite. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, job recruiters look for candidates that know how to use Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs. Whether you’re a beginner or need a refresher, the Microsoft Office 2019 Value Suite will teach you the fundamentals of some of the most widely-used programs in the Microsoft Office family.  This course bundle will introduce you to Microsoft Word 2019, Microsoft Excel 2019, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2019. These programs are used to handle common workplace tasks like word processing and presentation design. Through hands-on activities, you will gain proficiency in each of these programs and build skills that contribute to your organization’s success.


Microsoft Excel – Pivot Tables (Advanced)

Start dates: June 17th & July 15th       Cost: $125       Online Platform: Ed2Go (Click here to register)

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to effectively use all the advanced Excel pivot table features? In this practical and information-packed course, you will learn how to maximize this program’s functions and capabilities.

Most organizations rely heavily on Microsoft Excel pivot tables to analyze and report financial information. Your company is probably no exception. By learning these advanced techniques, you can become more valuable to your organization.

This course will teach you how to utilize the numerous pivot tables to develop useful analysis models and reports within your company. Impress your coworkers by learning how to create functional and eye-catching interactive dashboards using a combination of pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers. You will discover advanced techniques for pivot tables, like creating Timelines, calculated fields, and calculated items. You will learn how to use Excel’s Table function to efficiently manage changes to the pivot table’s source data in order to avoid reporting mistakes when data is added or deleted.


Microsoft Access 2019/Office 365 Series (Introduction and Intermediate Bundle)

Start dates: June 17th & July 15th       Cost: $225       Online Platform: Ed2Go (Click here to register)

Virtually every industry benefits from information management and Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used programs used for this task. Data ranging from inventory to customer information can be effectively organized with this longstanding software. If you work with databases of any kind, learning the ins and outs of Access 2019 will allow you to take a stronger role in database management.  This course bundle will teach how to use Access to organize, store, and document essential information. The Introduction course focuses on fundamentals, so you can plan and develop a well-organized database. The Intermediate Access 2019 course will teach you advanced techniques as you build an entire database project from scratch. You will learn how to import Excel spreadsheets as tables, create query calculations to crunch numbers, and use Visual Basic to automate common tasks. From initial database creation to using conditional formatting, by the time you complete this course bundle, you will be well versed in how to best manage and present your data with Access 2019.


Administrative Assistant Fundamentals

Start dates: June 17th & July 15th       Cost: $125       Online Platform: Ed2Go (Click here to register)

Rapid growth in the health, legal services, data processing, management, public relations, and other industries have created many new job opportunities for administrative assistants. This course will help you discover and master the essentials of managerial and staff support, information and records management, communications technology, travel and meeting coordination, space planning, and office ergonomics. You will become an indispensable member of your team by identifying opportunities and implementing solutions to turn your office into a high productivity machine.

This course and its follow up (Administrative Assistant Applications) may help you prepare for the internationally recognized Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP®) exam offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP®).

Note: This course is not affiliated with, nor has the International Association of Administrative Professionals® (IAAP®) endorsed it.


Become an Optical Assistant

Start dates: June 17th & July 15th       Cost: $125       Online Platform: Ed2Go (Click here to register)

If you think you would like to become an optical assistant, this is the course for you! You will take a comprehensive look at the diverse world of optical assisting. You will see why optometry is such an interesting field and how rewarding it can be to help people solve their vision problems.

You will be amazed to learn all the different places optical assistants can work! You will cover optical assisting in private practice, healthcare clinics, the military, teaching facilities, and retail sales. You will discover the personal and professional skills needed to work in a front and back office and in an optical dispensary and lab. You will understand all the things optical assistants must know about frames, styles, lenses, contact lenses, and working with people. Along the way, you will discover how the human eye works, and examine some common eye conditions. Finally, you will learn how to become certified and licensed, which will open up even more opportunities for you and identify you as an expert. This course is an ideal springboard for starting a career in this growing and ever-in-demand field!


Emergency Services Training Professional Development:

NC Fee Waiver Applies to all Emergency Services Training courses. If this is your first course at Brunswick Community College, you will need to complete and submit a registration form in order for the NC Fee Waiver to apply.


Advanced Life Support

Endocrine Emergencies                                Start date: 7/3/20                Section #37920
Environmental Emergencies Heat              State date: 6/3/20               Section #37918
Geriatric Emergencies                                   Start date: 8/5/20                Section #37922


Basic Life Support

Environmental Emergencies Heat             Start date: 6/3/20                Section #37919
Musculoskeletal System                               Start date: 8/5/20                Section #37923
The Challenged Patient                                Start date: 7/3/20                Section #37921


Other Topics:

Evidence-Based Emergencies                     Start date: 8/5/20                Section #37937
Vaccines/Hygiene                                          Start date: 7/3/20                 Section #37936
Strategies for Quality Improvement          Start date: 6/3/20                Section #37935
and Quality Assurance Within
EMS Agencies

GEAR: Gateway to Employment and Academic Readiness

Course start date: 6/1/20      Cost: NC Fee Waiver Applies                         Call 1-910-632-0109 to get started.

High School Equivalency (GED®)

The high school equivalency course provides critical skills and competencies that are found on the official High School Equivalency examination. The high school equivalency is your ticket to a better job, higher pay, and acceptance in a variety of degrees, certificates, diplomas, or vocational credential programs. The high school equivalency test assesses academic achievement in the following areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Online class preparation for HSE exams is free. A local instructor is ready to assist students by phone or email. Navigating the online experience has never been easier. Courses are fee waived.

Adult High School Diploma Courses

The Adult High School Program (AHS) is designed to allow students the opportunity to complete a high school credential that mirrors a public school credential. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredit the program. This diploma is issued by BCC through agreements with the NC Department of Public Instruction and the local school board and is the same as those offered through public school systems. There is no cost for the AHS program.


Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling
Start date: 6/9/20                   Cost: $180                  Section #38590

 Substance abuse is a national problem that shows no discretion and affects everyone. Now, more than ever before, professional counselors are needed throughout NC. This course is the first in a series of three that prepares individuals for a career in the field of substance abuse counseling. Students that complete the pathway and internship experience will sit for state certification through the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board (NCSAPPB).


Human Resource Development (HRD) Online Courses for Job Seekers

Students registering for the courses listed below may be eligible for the Human Resource Development Fee Waiver. Call (910) 755-7388 for registration information.


Resume Creation                                                                                                                                                                              Start dates:    6/2/20, 6/9/20, 6/16/20, 6/23/20, 6/30/20                 Cost $70

This course is designed to help you understand the true purpose of a resume. Topics include resume formatting, analyzing the needs of an employer and matching your resume to those needs, and highlighting key keywords to create an impressive document. Students will have the opportunity to utilize what they have learned and gained confidence in what they have written. A fee waiver is available for those who qualify.


I have an Interview, Now What?
Start dates: 7/8/20, 7/15/20, 7/22/20, 7/29/20                                 Cost $70

Now that you have taken several steps in your job search, here comes the exciting part to landing that job you want. This course prepares you on how to answer interview questions. Topics include tips for various interview settings, curb ball questioning, planning & preparation, being present in the interview, and selling yourself the right way. Upon completion, students will have gained knowledge to be confident in every interview.


Mocked Interviews
Start date: 6/11/20, 6/25/20, 7/9/20, 7/23/20                      Cost $70

This course prepares you for your next opportunity. Students will have the opportunity to practice interviewing by dressing for the interview, responding to questions such as “Tell me about yourself?” and becoming more comfortable using the S.T.A.R method. Upon completion, students would have gained knowledge in interviewing, and have a general understanding of how to respond to a situation, task, action, and result type of questioning.


Workforce Development

Aquaponics/Sustainable Agriculture                                                                                                                                                                

Start date: 6/1/20                   Cost $180                    Section #38657

This self-paced online course is a comprehensive introduction to aquaponics, fish production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and hydroponic plant production. Students will be exposed to the design and construction of aquaponics systems, water quality management, nutrition and feeds, diseases, genetics, breeding, harvesting, transport, business, sustainability, and regulatory issues.


Intro to Aquaculture                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Start date: 6/1/20                   Cost $180                    Section #38658

This self-paced online course is a comprehensive introduction to commercial aquaculture, farming, and aquatic husbandry (catfish, tilapia, trout, perch, hybrid striped bass, marine shrimp, mollusks, crustaceans). Instruction will focus on the fundamentals of fish and shellfish culture, various types of culture systems (ponds, raceways, recirculating systems, etc.), water quality management, genetics, breeding, harvesting, transport, sustainability, relevant business and commercial factors, and much more!


Event Planning                                                                 

Start dates: 6/8/20                 Cost $75                    Section #38656
7/22/20             Cost $75                      Section #38655

This course will introduce students to the planning and coordination of special events, meetings, and conventions. Topics will include event and meeting design and objectives, program planning, food and beverage catering, vendors and other resources available to assist with coordination of major events. In addition, this course will provide information for students beginning their own commercial business in planning special events such as weddings, conferences, or other events.

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