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BCC Honors Students of the Month

At Brunswick Community College, Students of the Month represent the best of the best when it comes to character, perseverance, leadership, commitment to excellence, community service, and more. Identified by faculty and staff, these students attend a surprise ceremony in their honor officiated by BCC President Gene Smith.

This week, President Smith honored three Students of the Month — Jose Cabrera Mantalban for January, Joshlyne Graham for February, and Chelsea Vassaur for March.

Jose Cabrera Mantalban, a Career and College Promise student, was nominated by welding instructors Hannah Schirmer and Dick Bowie. They describe Jose as an exemplary student and all-around great guy. “He works hard at succeeding both in the lab and in the class environment,” said Ms. Schirmer. “He is very polite and often seen holding doors for people and greeting everyone he meets. He asks great questions and is an outstanding student and leader in his high school ROTC unit. He is an absolute pleasure and encourages everyone in the class.”

Joshlyne Graham was named BCC’s February Student of the Month. She is a full-time student, holds a full-time job, and serves as a work-study student in the BCC Library. Nominated by Librarian Liza Palmer, Joshlyne has impressed all library staff. “She is curious about the world, with instincts to research what she doesn’t know,” says Palmer. “The librarian in me loves that! This year, we’ve added to her responsibilities, and she has risen to the challenge. Her monthly exhibits, which she creates on her own, are relevant, creative, and engaging.”

Microbiology Instructor Dr. Francie Coblentz cannot say enough great things about her nominee for BCC’s March Student of the Month. Chelsea Vassaur is back at school after more than ten years and is the type of student that reminds instructors why they signed up for the job. Dr. Coblentz relayed how Chelsea managed her classwork during a recent death in her family, going above and beyond what anyone expected during this sad time. Chelsea stayed in constant contact via email with Dr. Coblentz and did not miss a beat. “Not only is she a great writer, but Chelsea is extremely attentive,” said Dr. Coblentz. “She makes sure that her work area is clean before she leaves the lab and is usually the last to leave, always volunteering to help. She is a standout and destined for success.” 

Congratulations to all three Students of the Month and to the instructors, family members, and friends who support them every day. 


Brunwick Campus Aerial

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