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BCC Student Spotlight: Meet Devin Hunt

When Devin Hunt decided to relocate from Middletown, CT, to Supply, NC, to attend Brunswick Community College (BCC), he didn’t know quite what to expect. “After graduating from high school, I got a call from my grandmother,” said Devin. “She told me about BCC and the technical training programs it offered. She thought it might be a good fit and invited me to move down here to attend. I had tried tech school before and didn’t like it, but I decided to try again at BCC, and I’m so glad I did.”

Three courses and 19 industry-recognized certifications later, Devin is now in the process of securing an apprenticeship. “I know this training will give me a leg up,” said Devin. “My experience at BCC has been great. I’m especially grateful for my instructor, Jessie Ray Noble. He made the material easy to understand and worked with each of us one-on-one until we got it. He was awesome.”  

Instructor Noble had much the same to say about Devin. “I’ve been lucky to have many incredible students, and Devin is right up there with them,” said Noble, who retired from DuPont and began teaching at BCC more than 25 years ago. “He excelled in every way. He’s intelligent and takes his studies very seriously.”  

Devin’s experience with BCC’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development is unique because it offers valuable credentials recognized by area employers. In addition, this short-term workforce training includes affordable registration fees that total less than $200 per class. In very little time, Devin earned a 10-hour OSHA safety card, NCCER, Greenlee, 3M, and FESTO certifications.

“Our Students benefit from a solid mix of classroom and practical training in a unique learning environment that’s small and personalized,” said Marilyn Graham, Director, Multicultural Workforce Development & Outreach. “Our instructors get to know all of their students by name and are dedicated to helping them succeed.”

That has certainly been the case for Devin. BCC congratulates and wishes him all the best as his career progresses. Click here to find out more about BCC’s Continuing Education/Workforce Development courses or register online.

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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