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Bolivia, NC – With the General Assembly still in session over North Carolina Community College tuition rates, Brunswick Community College has decided to maintain the current rate schedule until the State budget has been enacted into law.

The General Assembly establishes tuition rates in the State budget or related legislation. As of July 1, a budget for fiscal year 2015-16 has not been enacted into law. Therefore, a tuition increase may be implemented later this year. To date, the General Assembly has discussed a tuition increase of up to $4 per credit hour.

The North Carolina Community College System office is encouraging the General Assembly to make any tuition increase effective January 1, 2016, to prevent the need to re-bill students for the Fall term. Some colleges within close proximity to BCC have opted to already charge the proposed $4 per credit hour.

“We do not want to charge students added fees until we are absolutely certain they are mandated,” assured Dr. Adams, BCC President, “it is our hope that no additional fees will be enacted until January 2016 so that our students may plan ahead for these additional expenses.”

For additional information, please contact Brunswick Community College at 910.755.7300.

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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