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Brunswick Community College Goes Speed Dating

SUPPLY, NC. Brunswick Community College (BCC) hosted a unique media event referred to as “PR Speed Dating” on October 29th.

“At Brunswick Community College, there is so much going and we want everyone to know about it.  Through causal conversations we provided just enough information to leave reporters wanting to learn more and then hopefully wanting to share with their readers.” Explained PR & Marketing Director, London Schmidt.

The objective was to introduce the media to key contacts at the College and preview potential stories for the upcoming year. Each representative from BCC was given eight minutes with each media representative with the goal of piquing the reporter’s interest for follow-up interviews.

Brunswick Community College limited the number of college participates to six so that the event would last one hour or less. They were hand-picked, based on what would be of most interest to he media. Topics included: student success stories, recent grants, third party credentials, scholarships, community and course program offerings, curriculum articulation agreements and more. Media representatives were able to meet one-on-one with President Adams, Senior VP Thompson, Dean Robinson, Dean Bland, Horticulture Tech./Turfgrass Management Director Dean Bennett, Foundation Director Elina DiCostanzo, and Center for Advanced Students Coordinator Jerry Smith.

“Not only was this event educational, it was also a lot of fun.  I am confident the Beacon, Pilot and Star News received plenty of information to report on for several weeks” concluded Schmidt. “We hope to host this type of event again in the spring and look forward to growing media coverage in our area.”

Read the Brunswick Beacon article HERE.

PR Speed Dating

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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