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Arts, Crafts and Personal Enrichment

Continuing Education, Economic and Workforce Development is proud to focus on courses that will help individuals with their personal growth as well as their leisure needs.  The Community Service/Arts & Crafts programs are designed to provide lifelong learning for adults that meet individual needs and interests of the community.  These courses may include leisure activities, vocational and non-vocational skill development, learning a new language, discovering new talent, arts, crafts and so much more.  Below is a list of our course descriptions.  We are always interested in starting new classes. If you are interested in a class that is not listed or being offered, please let us know!

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Cultural Heritage

Classes meet in Southport Room #103.

CH2: History and Architecture of Brunswick County

This course provides further exploration of the six townships of Brunswick County through their unique stories, historical sites, architecture, artifacts, and natural environments. Online only. No group site visits during COVID. Counts toward the Heritage Guide Certificate Pathway. Instructor Rebecca Long.

CH4: Fiction Writers Beginning/Intermediate

A professional mystery writer will guide you through the process of finding story ideas, developing a plot, creating characters, writing dialogue, and finding the right voice. Through lecture, discussion, and project work, you will find quiet time, feedback, and support to develop a successful literary project. Instructor Maria Pease.

CH5: Fiction Writers Advanced

This studio-style session is framed to advance literary works-in-progress at all levels. Published mystery writer Maria Pease will share insights and expertise as needed to keep your projects moving forward. Instructor Maria Pease.

CH6: French for Travelers

Planning a trip, or just curious about another language? This class is for beginning and/or intermediate students who are interested in tuning up their French conversational skills. Practical conversations, idioms, and everyday expressions will be tailored to the groups’ interests including travel, dining, and French culture. A bientot! Instructor Philippe Vandatte.

CH8: Self-Publishing on a Shoestring

That book that you’ve just got to write, or just wrote? Find out how to get it out there without spending vast fortunes, through POD (Publish on Demand). You’ll get the lowdown on editing, layout, formatting, basics mistakes to avoid, storytelling, proofreading, PR, resources, and more. It’s not a how-to-write course, it’s a how-to-publish course. Instructor Kenneth Robert Campbell.


Classes meet in Southport Room #103

F2: Quilting Traditional

Master the basics of quilting by working either beginning or intermediate pieces and/or appliqued pieces. Introduction to design, construction, materials, techniques, tools, and equipment. Sewing machines provided on-site. Instructor Marilyn Ridgeway.


Classes meet in Southport Room #106

G1: Mosaic

Amaze your friends and family with an ancient art form. Even beginners can soon craft gorgeous products from small pieces of colored glass and grout. Students will provide their own materials. Instructor Jennifer Bellini.

G2: Stained Glass

Apply lessons learned from the history of stained glass in America to the design and execution of your own pieces. Includes pattern making, knowledge of glass types and properties, cutting and polishing techniques, and use of copper foil/lead solder to complete several projects. Multiple sections, beginning-advanced. Instructor Jennifer Bellini.

G3: Fused Glass

Explore the creative potential of kiln-formed glass with a variety of techniques including casting and slumping. Projects are finished by firing to fuse the materials. Large and small glass kilns onsite. Students are encouraged to register with an open mind and ready to experiment. Instructor Gina Poppe.

J8: Jewelry Glass

Create fused glass focal pieces, and then use them to produce stunning pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Instructor Gina Poppe.


Classes meet in Southport Room #105

J1: Jewelry Polymer Clay

Introduction to polymer clay properties, caning, color blending, Skinner blends, kaleidoscopes, and surface techniques. Veneers will be designed to make a variety of beads and small bowls. Basic jewelry assembly and finishing techniques will be covered. Instructor Christine Noble.

J2: Jewelry Wirewrap

Delicate traceries in copper, bronze, and silver wire make exquisite bangles, earrings, and pendants. This specialty technique will stretch the repertoire of both beginners and more advanced students. Instructor Joan Masters.

J3: Silver Beginning

Basic metalsmithing and jewelry hand fabrication techniques will be taught through demonstration and hands-on activity. Includes texturing, sawing, piercing, cold connections, simple forming, cold forging, and soldering, etc. Instructor Spencer Hayden.

J4: Silver Intermediate

Pre-requisite Beginning Silversmithing or instructor’s permission. Intermediate students will continue to hone skills learned in the beginning class through a series of completed projects. They will also add a variety of new techniques to their repertoire, generally including enameling, etching, and casting. Instructor Aleah DeMore Smith.

J5: Silver Advanced

Advanced students will begin with a sketchbook to develop their own unique style and focus through design-based projects. Several prototypes and projects will be completed during the course, using a variety of more advanced techniques. Instructor Susan Machamer.

J7: Silver Evenings

Suitable for all levels, the instructor will support individual development in a wide variety of techniques in this studio-based format. Instructor Aleah DeMore Smith.

J8: Jewelry Glass

Cross-listed under Glass. Create fused glass focal pieces, and then use them to produce stunning pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Instructor Gina Poppe.

J9: Jewelry Precious Metal Clay

Precious metal clay is comprised of salvaged precious metals ground to a fine powder and mixed with a natural binder and water. The binder burns away when fired, leaving a finished item (22Kt gold or 99.9% fine silver) that is smaller and has sharper detail than the original. Jewelers of all skill levels can form this material into exquisite finished pieces. Instructor Susan Machamer.


Classes meet in Southport Room #103

M1: Guitar Beginning

Learn to play popular songs with/for your friends and family. This class is taught through group instruction in an organized progression to introduce the fundamentals of guitar playing at a pace you can enjoy. Bring your acoustic guitar. Ideal for the true beginner. Instructor Faris Harton.

M2: Guitar Intermediate

Pre-requisite Guitar 1 or prior experience. This class builds upon the fundamental skills to further develop your expertise in a variety of techniques and genres and expand your repertoire. Instructor Faris Harton.

M6: Recording & Production

Gain a working knowledge of computer software for recording (Cubase), through a general approach to recording, mic-ing, and editing, while applying some history of recording as a baseline for technique. Includes hands-on experience in recording, editing, refining, experimentation, and mixing. Instructor Jamie Hoover.


Classes meet in Southport Room #104

P1: Painting Abstract & Impressionist

Palette knife, cold wax technique, and paint application for the beginner or advanced student, with individual instruction that allows students to progress at their own rate. Students will be introduced to advanced color theory and design as well as the historic use of various mediums. Multiple sections offered. Instructor Joseph Bardani.

P2: Painting Watercolor

Suitable for all levels of expertise. We will discuss watercolor materials, painting procedures, and techniques while producing fabulous pieces in this medium. Multiple sections offered. Instructor Terry Harrison.

P3: Painting Realist

Become the artist you wish to be. Apply time-tested artistic methods to improve drawing, color, value, and composition. Work in all media, from life as well as from photography, to further develop your own very distinctive style. Instructor Terry Harrison.

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