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COVID-19 Transmission Precautions

Effective Monday, August 23, 2021

Effective immediately, face coverings are required inside campus buildings, including classrooms and laboratories, and outside when it is not possible to maintain at least six feet from others.  It is not a requirement to wear face covering when alone in an office space.  Anyone entering a building who does not have a face covering should be offered a disposable covering by a BCC employee.  Please let me know if you need a supply of masks for distribution.

For those using the Gore Fitness and Aquatic Center, masks are required inside the facility unless actively working out.  Limited capacity will be put in place for all aerobic classes, fitness center room, track, gymnasium and aquatic center utilization. Members will be required to utilize a face mask as soon as active workout/ fitness routines are finished.

Exposure/Infected Protocols
The Brunswick County Public Health Department has provided the protocol that we should use when exposures or COVID positive cases arise.  If someone is vaccinated and was wearing a mask when an exposure to a positive individual occurs, then no quarantine is required.   Exposure is defined as 6 feet or less for a total of 15 minutes or more. These individuals should monitor for symptoms, and if they start to feel sick, immediately isolate at home and see their Doctor for a COVID test. If someone is exposed and they were not vaccinated and/or wearing a mask, then they must isolate at home for 10 days.  If no symptoms arise, then they can return to work or class.  For anyone who is COVID positive, they will need to isolate at home for 10 days and until they are free of symptoms and fever.  On the 8th day, all fever reducing medications should be withheld, and on the 10th day, if no fever, they can return to work or class.

Reporting Exposures and Positive Cases
BCC is asked to report our cases or exposures to the Brunswick County Health Department. Therefore, all employee and/or student cases or exposures must be reported immediately to BCC administration, will notify the County Health Department.

Cleaning and PPE Supplies
More recent CDC guidance has called into question how well the COVID virus can be spread from surfaces and in most cases, disinfection is not necessary.  However, BCC will make cleaning supplies and masks available throughout campus for anyone who wishes to wipe down surfaces such as desks, etc.  Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout campus and are readily available.

Social Distancing
Guidance states that maintaining 6 ft of social distancing will help control COVID transmission.  Please practice social distancing when and wherever possible.  When it is not possible due to numbers or space limitations, masks are required.

Brunwick Campus Aerial

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