Bradshaw, Craig
Welding Instructor
Brown, Ashleigh
Fitness & Aquatics Center Director, Personal Trainer
Brown, Timothy E.
Burgmuller, Andrew
TLC Specialist and Veteran Mentor
Caffrey, Andrea
Business Operations Accountant
Campus Bookstore
Cantwell, Kerry
Dept. Chair College Transitions, Social Sciences, & Humanities
Career Center
Main Campus, Building A, 2nd Floor, Room 222
Carpenter-Zink, Catherine M.
Mail, Print, & Production Coordinator
Cecil, LeAnn
BIP Director
Chance, Sharon Sherry
ABE Instructor, BIP
Chiarizia, Christine
Call to schedule appointments
Christman, Aaron
IT Support
Clark, Serena
Nursing Instructor
Coblentz, Dr. Francie
Biology Instructor
Continuing Education
Cook, Brooke
Director, Health Education
Cook, Katie E.
Business Office/Cashier
Cooper, Lorrie
Payroll Administrator
Cosmetology Student Salon