Bryant, Stanland L.
Job Development Specialist-BIP
Carpenter-Zink, Catherine M.
Mail, Print, & Production Coordinator
Casey, Jackie
Accounting Instructor
Champion, George
Evening Coordinator
Chandler, Dr. William Jeff
Instructor, Biology
Charters, Kim
Christman, Aaron
IT Support
Clark, Julie
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Science
Cobb, Dr. Michael
Director, Institutional Planning & Research
Coblentz, Dr. Francie
Instructor, Biology
Cockrell, Reita
Switchboard Receptionist
Cook, Katie E.
Accountant Purchasing/Cashier
Culpepper, Santresa S.
Accountant, Purchasing/Financial Aid
Curry, Dr. Molly
Chair, Nursing and Allied Health
Cutajar, Laurie
Customer Service Specialist
Davenport, Kathryn
Instructor, Biology
Deaver, David
OWA Technician
Dechent, Victoria
Practical Nursing
Disbrow, Nancy
Director, Human Resources
Dye, Chris
Director of Records & Enrollment Management