ems students working on simulator

EMS Courses

Current EMS Course offerings include:
  • ALS Aquatic Envenomation Capnography
  • ALS Chest Tubes CPAP vs. BIPAP
  • ALS ECG Interpretation
  • ALS Research for the ALS Provider
  • Aquatic Envenomation BLS Treatment
  • BLS Pediatric Emergency Care
  • Obstetrics for the BLS Provider
  • OT Agricultural & Industrial Emergencies
  • OT Ambulance Operations
  • OT Basic Trauma Emergencies
  • OT Blast-Ear, Blast-Lung, Blast-Traumatic Brain
  • OT EMS Documentation
  • Patient Assessment for the BLS Provider
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest for the BLS Provider
  • Trauma Emergencies for the ALS Provider
If you are a first-time registrant, please complete the form LINKED HERE prior to registering online. To register online, click on the button below and enter the course name in the Search field.
ems students working on simulator

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