Meet Jadon Smith, SGA President

Brunswick Community College (BCC) Student Government Association (SGA) President Jadon Smith was born and raised in Calabash, NC. She has big dreams and is well on her way to realizing them as she nears the completion of her Associate in Arts degree from BCC.

“After high school, I knew I wanted to experience college but didn’t want to jump head-first into a four-year university,” said Jadon. “I wanted to get the fundamentals and learn how to be a good student and adult first. I chose BCC because I had always heard great things, and it was close to home. Because of the Brunswick Guarantee and other financial assistance, it was also affordable. What I like most are the school’s small size and great teachers.”

Jadon has taken advantage of the many free study and tutoring resources at BCC. She rents her books to keep costs down. She also took the plunge into student government.

“I wanted to make the most of my time here, so I joined the SGA as a way of getting involved and meeting new people,” said Jadon. “Last year, I served a dual role as vice president and secretary. When our president graduated and moved on to the University of Arizona, I stepped up as president.”

With SGA Vice President Andrew Jackson and Treasurer Trey Thompson, Jadon is determined to get students re-engaged on campus. “Now that COVID is under control, we will be planning events and activities to get people socializing and having fun again on campus. We know it will take time, so we are anxious to get started.”

Jadon shared plans for their first two events. The first was on Valentine’s Day in the culinary center. SGA handed out heart-shaped donuts, introduced themselves, and invited students to upcoming events. The second event will be on February 22, also in the culinary arts center, where students and staff can sample a fantastic variety of good old-fashioned soul food favorites prepared by BCC’s culinary instructors. The event runs from 11 AM-2 PM.

After graduation in May, Jadon plans to transfer to a four-year college to study Business or Law. She’s not sure which one just yet, but we do not doubt that she will be a great success.

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