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Turfgrass Management Technology – Certificate (C15420)

The Turfgrass Management Technology curriculum prepares individuals for various careers in horticulture. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticulture principles and practices are included in the program of study.

BCC also offers Turfgrass Management Technology Degree and Diploma  options.  The Turfgrass Management Technology Certificate program is specifically designed to help students get ahead in their professional field of interest and is a stepping stone to those who may want to pursue a Turfgrass Management Diploma.

Course Title Credits
Complete 12 Credit Hours From:
HOR 112 Landscape Design I 3
HOR 134 Greenhouse Operations 3
HOR 160 Plant Materials I 3
HOR 162 Applied Plant Science 3
HOR 164 Hort Pest Management 3
HOR 166 Soils & Fertilizers 3
HOR 168 Plant Propagation 3
HOR 257 Arboriculture Practices 2
HOR 273 Hort Mgt & Marketing 3
TRF 110 Intro to Turf Cult & ID 4
TRF 120 Turf Irrigation & Design 4
TRF 152 Landscape Maintenance 3
TRF 210 Turgrass Equip Mgmt 3
TRF 230 Turfgrass Mgmt Apps 2
TRF 240 Turfgrass Pest Control 3
TRF 260 Adv Turfgrass Mgmt 4

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