Professional and Technical

Marine Biotechnology – Diploma (D20170)

The Biotechnology curriculum, which has emerged from molecular biology and chemical engineering, is designed to meet the increasing demands for skilled laboratory technicians in various fields of biological and chemical technology.

BCC also offers a Marine Biotechnology Degree  option.  The Marine Biotechnology Diploma program is specifically designed to help students get ahead in their professional field of interest and is a stepping stone to those who may want to pursue a Marine Biotechnology Associate Degree.

Diploma (D20170)

Course Title Credits
Fall Semester #1
ACA 115 Success & Study Skills 1
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 1
BIO 111 General Biology I 4
BTC 181 Basic Lab Techniques 4
CHM 151 General Chemistry I 4
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
MAT 152 Statistical Methods I 4
Semester Total 20
Spring Semester #1
AQU 255 Invertebrate Culture 3
BIO 112 General Biology II 4
BIO 275 Microbiology 4
BTC 250 Principles of Genetics 3
CHM 132 Organic and Biochemistry 4
Semester Total 18