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Continuing Education, Economic and Workforce Development is proud to focus on courses that will help individuals with their personal growth as well as their leisure needs. The Community Service/Arts & Crafts programs are designed to provide lifelong learning for adults that meet individual needs and interests of the community. These courses may include leisure activities, vocational and non-vocational skill development, learning a new language, discovering a new talent, arts, crafts and so much more. Below is a list of our course descriptions. We are always interested in starting new classes. If you are interested in a class that is not listed or being offered, please let us know!

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Fabric Arts

Fabric Arts 1 – Prints
Since the beginning of time, folks have been embellishing fabric with unique and decorative designs using hand printing techniques. The end results whether simple or sophisticated are remarkably effective. In this class you will begin with simple block printing and learn to use various media and techniques to create your own textile products for gifts or for sale. Basic tools provided. Ink and surfaces available for purchase. No prior experience necessary.

Fabric Arts 2 – Beginning Quilting
The traditional art of quilting has always been a valued social activity as well as a contribution to the creative economy. Quilts may be structured as a stunning art form or a very personal keepsake, or both. Join the movement. Here, you can master the basics of quilting by working one small pieced block quilt and one appliqued wall hanging. The class provides an introduction to design, construction, materials, techniques, tools and equipment. Sewing machines provided onsite. Material and/or kits purchased separately. No prior experience necessary.

Jewelry Beadwork

With knowledge of the most basic patterns and techniques, even beginning bead workers can produce exquisite pieces designed to impress. Several projects will be introduced which will all you the opportunity to complete a project within each class. You will learn about the various bead types and materials used, and how you can use the basics to create your own design. Bead work basic techniques using seed beads and incorporating embezzling of crystals will inspire you. You will learn stitches like netting, Peyote, right angle weave and the ancient techniques used by the Native American Indian tribes for weaving. Basic start up kits can be purchased.

Independent Study
Expand your bead working skill set to accomplish increasingly complex and difficult patterns. The results will be exquisite. Advance at your own speed. Support provided by the instructor as needed.

Jewelry Silversmithing

Independent Study
Prerequisite: Advanced Silversmithing
Applying hand fabrication skills learned in previous Silversmithing classes, students will work on their own metal jewelry projects. An instructor will be on hand should questions arise, but study of metal working will be primarily self-directed.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Silversmithing
Return to Silversmithing in this next installment and expand your metal working skill set! Intermediate students will hone their sawing, piercing and soldering skills and potentially add new techniques such a working with hinges. Etching and fold forming, as well as more complicated small metal construction will be explored. More advanced students will delve into more stone setting, hollow form construction, and anticlastic forming. Copper and jeweler’s bronze will be available for purchase on site. Students may provide their own silver if desired.

Join this unique class to learn the timeless art of working with precious metals! Basic metalsmithing and jewelry hand fabrication techniques such as texturing, sawing and piercing, cold connections, simple forming as well as soldering will be taught though demonstration. Students will also learn terminology, safety and proper use of tools and materials. All necessary tools will be provided for use in class. Students will complete at least one jewelry piece during the course. Copper and jeweler’s bonze will be available for purchase on site. Students may provide their own silver if desired. This is an enthralling hobby and far easier than you might have thought!


Basics of Painting (only offered at the Leland Center)
These classes are suitable for beginner or advanced level students. The instructor provides individual instruction that allows students to progress at their speed at any level. Students will be instructed in the basics of color, design, line and theory as well as the use of various mediums. Classes taught on Tuesday will be offered at the Brunswick Community College Leland Annex.

Painting – Exploration
This course will delve into the fundamentals of painting in any medium and subject matter. This class is designed for any skill level. The goal will be to enhance each student’s knowledge of drawing, color and composition by applying time-tested artistic methods. Students will focus on types of light, understanding warm and cool color as it applies to light and the “form principle.” The course will cover ways to strengthen compositions by the placement of objects and through the use of value keys. Learning the various treatments of edges will make the painting surface more interesting. Participants will be encouraged to work from life as well as from photography. With practice and knowledge, you can each develop your own very distinctive look and become the artists you wish to be.

Painting – Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic
These classes are suitable for the beginner or advanced student, providing individual instruction that allows students to progress at their own rate. Students will be instructed in the basics of color, design, line and theory as well as the use of various mediums.

Pop Piano

Some folks dream of becoming a concert pianist and mastering Beethoven and Mozart. Others prefer familiar fare for a garage band or show tunes at a family gathering. In this offering we target the latter with a very informal approach to learning, often playing by ear. You will have fun AND become the star of the show. Some experience with music might be helpful, but it is not required. Pianos provided on site.


Discovering Pottery
The feel of clay in the hand, molding it into a shape, figure, or form is a magic of its own. Basic fundamentals of the process will be explored, and then the sky is the limit! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Students will be encouraged to develop their own unique style incorporating diverse techniques of hand building and decorative embellishment, with a variety of under and over glazes.

Introduction to Hand Built
In this class, students will explore the diversity of clay art through both hand building and throwing on the potter’s wheel. The course is suitable for all stages of artistic development. Each student is encouraged to work in their own genre with personalized support and instruction. Assistance designing, glazing, kiln loading and firing assure continuous development.

Basic throwing technique will be taught to newcomers. Those with prior experience on the wheel will learn more complex forms including lids. Ceramic tools and clay are purchased separately.

Social Media

Social Media – Arts
Build a following for your painting, photography, jewelry, pottery, textile art, etc. Bring your own project or idea and tap in to the fast changing world of social media. This studio-based program will support each participant in developing and sustaining a dynamic presence in this new digital world.

Social Media – Music
This course will be focus on broadening the digital presence for musicians, actors and other performance-based artists in the area. Bring your own project or idea and tap in to the fast changing world of social media. This studio-based program is designed to support each participant in developing and sustaining a dynamic presence in this new digital environment.

Stained Glass

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Journeys and Dreams Event

From Gothic cathedrals to Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frank Lloyd Wright, stained glass has captured, bent and reflected light to tell a sparkling story. Now your designs can join that pantheon. Use this class to apply lessons learned from the history of stained glass in America to the design and execution of your own pieces. The instruction includes pattern making, knowledge of glass types and properties, cutting/polishing techniques and use of copper foil/lead solder to complete several projects. Basic tools and equipment provided. Glass to be purchased separately. No prior experience necessary.

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