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Please call 755-7358 or 755-7400 for orientation information.  All students must attend an orientation class before enrolling.

Brunswick Community College’s GEAR program is designed to improve students reading, communication, problem-solving and computation, writing, critical thinking, and job-readiness skills. Instruction includes practical, real-life content that will prepare adults for employment, managing family finances, parenting, and contemporary society. Students can expect this program to lay the foundation for further higher education opportunities, career training, and higher-income earnings.

Our qualified instructors have many years of experience in the public and private sectors. Our classrooms offer a positive learning environment that utilizes educational technology and collaborative learning methodologies to support student achievement.

High School Equivalency Diploma

The High School Equivalency Program (HSE) prepares adults to take the High School Equivalency Test (GED® or HiSET®). The test assesses academic achievement in the following areas: Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Classes for test preparation are available on campus and at other sites within Brunswick County.

In addition to our regular classroom experience, we offer an HSE Honor Boot Camp. This is a fast-track program that allows a student to earn an HSE Diploma in as little as five weeks through a 5-day per week test preparation instruction and HSE testing program. Placement testing at or above 8th-grade level is required in order to qualify for the fast-track program.

Once a student has passed all sections of the High School Equivalency Test, they are awarded the High School Equivalency Diploma, issued by the NC State Board of Community Colleges. There is no charge for the preparation classes; however, there is a one-time fee per section of the test ($20 for GED®, $15 for HiSET®). The GED® test is given on campus in room A-161. The HiSET® test is given on campus in H-106.

Adult High School Diploma

The Adult High School Program (AHS) is designed to allow students the opportunity to complete a high school credential that mirrors a public school credential. The program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This diploma is issued by BCC through agreements with the NC Department of Public Instruction and the local school board and is the same as those offered through public school systems. There is no cost for the AHS program.

English as a Second Language

This class will quickly improve the adult learner’s ability to speak, read, listen, and write the English language while integrating civics education and technology skills necessary for navigating contemporary society. Any adult student who does not speak English as their native language can enroll with no fees or tuition costs. Students will have the opportunity to use CASAS listening assessments, Rosetta Stone, All Stars, CUP Ventures Series, video streaming, and other online tools. The program is designed to move adult learners through the six levels of ESL instruction through small group instruction and ongoing assessment.

Adult Basic Education

These classes are designed to build skills in foundational reading, mathematics, and writing in order to prepare the student to enter the High School Equivalency or Adult High School Programs. Trained instructors will use quality textbooks and prescriptive assessment software that will create individualized lesson plans that focus on the academic areas needing improvement. This focused approach to education minimizes the number of instructional hours needed to achieve student goals.

High School Equivalency Diploma and/or Transcript Requests

All GED® and HiSET® test takers can find instructions for requesting diplomas and transcripts at the following link:  https://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/college-and-career-readiness/high-school-equivalency

Adult High School Transcript Requests

Complete the AHS Transcript Request Form. Instructions for return & processing are included on the form.

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