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Text Message: Text the word dolphin to 218.8512 and follow the prompts. Standard text rates will apply.

  • App: Download the QLess App https://www.qless.com/L or go to your App Store on your mobile device.
  • Online: Use the QLess Widget: https://kiosk.na4.qless.com/kiosk/app/home/166, enter your phone number, and click the line you want to join, then click the “Join This Line” button.
  • In Person: Self-service kiosks are in the lobby area of Student Services, The LaDane Williamson Student Center (Building A). If you need help, staff can assist you in joining the line.








You can use QLess to expedite your service time for:

  • Admissions
  • Returning Student Advising (registration)
  • Graduation/Transcripts
  • Financial Aid
  • New Student Advising (registration)
  • Tutoring Services (coming soon!)

If you have further questions relating to QLess, feel free to call Student Services at 910.755.7320 for assistance.

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