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Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is a free educational resource offering academic coaching, success skills, testing, and computer access. Its mission is to support students academically during their time at Brunswick Community College and help prepare them for the world beyond. The ACE staff assists students in their understanding and application of course content, enhances self-confidence, and encourages positive attitudes toward learning.

Coaching/Tutoring Services


Writing consulting and math and science coaching is available throughout the week. If a student would like coaching in another area, the ACE will arrange it. Due to high demand, coaching must be for a course in which a student is currently registered.


Online tutoring is available through BCC’s Smarthinking portal within Moodle. Smarthinking provides students with several options for help: virtual real-time scheduled tutoring sessions, submitted question and answer, and essay submission. Subjects areas include math (all levels), English, writing (in all areas), science, and health sciences. Stop by the ACE Lab if you need assistance accessing these services.


The ACE administers make-up tests for campus courses and collaborates with instructors from other institutions to proctor tests for local residents in distance courses. Students requiring accommodations should coordinate with the Disability Service Coordinator.


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