cosmetology student practicing hair styling
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The Cosmetology program is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment which enables students to develop manipulative skills. Graduates with 1500 hours of education can qualify to sit for the State Board of Cosmetic Arts examination. Upon successfully passing of the State Board exam, students may apply for a license. Employment is available in beauty salons and related businesses.

Cosmetology Instructor

The Cosmetology Instructor curriculum provides a course of study for learning the skills needed to teach the theory and practice of cosmetology as required by the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts. Graduates of the program may be employed as cosmetology instructors in public or private education and business. Upon passing State Board Exams, students are eligible for employment.
Certificate Program(s)
cosmetology student practicing hair styling

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