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Health Information Technology – Associate Degree (A45360)

The Health Information Technology curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to process, analyze, abstract, compile, maintain, manage, and report health information.

Students will supervise departmental functions; classify, code, and index diagnoses and procedures; coordinate information for cost control, quality management, statistics, marketing, and planning; monitor governmental and non- governmental standards; facilitate research; and design system controls to monitor patient information security.

The Health Information Technology Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM). Graduates of the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Health Information Technology program may be eligible to write the national certification examination to become a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). Employment opportunities include hospitals, consulting firms, computer and software vendors, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, health insurance organizations, outpatient clinics, physicians’ offices, hospice, and mental health facilities.

Note: BCC and UNCG have an articulation agreement allowing students who complete an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Health Information Technology at BCC to transfer to UNCG into Public Health Education.

A student who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may not be eligible to complete the professional practice experience and therefore not be able to complete the program.

BCC also offers a Health Information Technology Diploma option.

Course Title Credits
Fall Semester #1
ACA 115 Success & Study Skills 1
BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
HIT 110 Fundamentals of HIM 3
MED 121 Medical Terminology I 3
Semester Total 17
Spring Semester #1
BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
HIT 112 Health Law and Ethics 3
HIT 114 Health Data System &Stand 3
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy 3
MED 122 Medical Terminology II 3
Semester Total 16
Summer Semester #1
HIT 124 Profess Practice Exper ll 1
HIT 226 Principles of Disease 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Social Behavioral Science Elective 3
Semester Total 10
Fall Semester #2
DBA 110 Database Concepts 3
ENG 114 Profess Research & Rptg 3
HIT 210 Healthcare Statistics 3
HIT 211 ICD Coding 4
HIT 216 Quality Management 2
HIT 220 Health Informatics & EHRs 2
Semester Total 17
Spring Semester #2
HIT 214 CPT/Other Coding Systems 2
HIT 215 Reimbursement Methodology 2
HIT 218 Mngmt Principles in HIT 3
HIT 221 Lifecycle of EHR 3
HIT 222 Profess Practice Exper III 2
HIT 280 Professional Issues 2
Semester Total 14

Note: See Humanities/Fine Arts Electives and Social/ Behavioral Sciences Electives for a complete listing of eligible courses.


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