Health Information Technology – Diploma (D45360)

The Health Information Technology curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to process, analyze, abstract, compile, maintain, manage, and report health information.

BCC also offers a Health Information Technology Degree option.  The Health Information Technology Diploma program is specifically designed to help students get ahead in their professional field of interest and is a stepping stone to those who may want to pursue an Health Information Technology Associate Degree.

NOTE:  A student who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may not be eligible to complete the professional practice experience and therefore not be able to complete the program.

Course Title Credits
Fall Semester #1
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 1
BIO 163 Anatomy and Physiology 5
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers 3
HIT 110 Fundamentals of HIM 3
MED 121 Medical Terminology I 3
MED 122 Medical Terminology II 3
Semester Total 18
Spring Semester #1
HIT 226 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 3
HIT 112 Health Law and Ethics 3
HIT 114 Health Data Sys/Standards 3
Semester Total 9
Fall Semester #2
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
HIT 211 Diagnosis Coding & Reporting 3
HIT 213 Inpt Procedure Coding/Reporting 2
HIT 124 Profess Practice Exp II 1
Semester Total 9
Spring Semester #2
COM 120 Intro Interpersonal Communications 3
HIT 214 OP Procedure Coding/Reporting 2
HIT 215 Revenue Cycle Management 2
HIT 222 Profess Practices Exp III 2
Semester Total 9

Note: A student must earn a minimum grade of “C” for all courses in the HIT curriculum. HIT students are required to obtain group liability insurance coverage, submit to a criminal background check and drug testing, and complete a medical form with required immunizations prior to professional practice experience assignments.


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