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Confidential Business Counseling

Small Business Centers provide local, experienced counselors as advisers for new and existing businesses. Available on an as needed basis, this confidential service acts as a sounding board for new ideas and/or concerns you may have about your business. Our professional staff will help you find solutions to your challenging business questions. No question is too simple or complicated. There is no charge for this service.  For services or questions in Spanish, please call Marilyn Graham at 910-755-8561.

Los Centros para Pequeños Negocios (Conocidos como SBC) proveen consultores locales con años de experiencia para asistir a nuevas y existentes empresas. El centro provee asistencia individualizada y confidencial para desarrollar sus ideas y retos para su negocio. Nuestro personal especializado le asistirá encontrar la solución a sus problemas y preguntas para su empresa. El servicio es gratis. Para mayor información o preguntas sobre nuestros servicios favor llamar a Marilyn Graham al 910-755-8561.

CINErG Co-Working Space

Do you dream of starting your own business and find yourself at the kitchen table pulling your hair at a loss of where to start? If you answered YES, you may need the assistance of the Small Business Center and a membership with CINErG (Center for Innovative Networking & Entrepreneur Groups). This space will provide a physical location to independent workers, entrepreneurial start-up or virtual workers who desire a sense of community and synergy. In addition to meeting space, networking and nurturing emerging businesses, here at Brunswick Community College’s Co-working Space you can get basic business necessities such as Wi-Fi access, printing and copying, flexible space, support, etc.

To apply, simply complete the membership application and return to April Scott at Please indicate which membership package you prefer.

Once we review and approve your application someone from the Small Business Center will contact you. Please remember this space is for those that are interested in starting a business or are in the stages of establishing a business.


Business Seminars and Workshops

Small Business Centers offer a wide variety of seminars and workshops to help small businesses become successful. Some of the topics include:

  • How to Start a Business
  • How to write a Business Plan
  • Financing Your Business
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes
  • Marketing for Success



Register Online Now for a Free Seminar

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Upcoming Seminars

Video Marketing to Connect with Your Ideal Customers


Have you thought about creating videos for your business but have no idea how to get started? In this seminar, you’ll learn why video marketing can be your best lead generation tool in 2018. It’s simple to get started and you will learn the exact techniques and equipment you need, it’s as easy as using your smartphone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018        5:00-8:00

Location: Brunswick Community College Main Campus Bolivia


Developing Personal and Commercial Credit for Your Business Success


A good-to-excellent personal credit score is vital for every small business. Can you qualify for a commercial business loan? The lender decision is based on personal credit score? Good credit is a cherished asset to protect and maintain.


Commercial credit is key for those companies needing short term credit for their cash flow management. Good commercial credit becomes a tangible asset of your business.


Learn about the factors of credit scoring; how to overcome negative credit issues; the hidden costs of bad credit; how to minimize the risk of identity theft; how to rebuild negative credit reports, and how to engage creditors successfully.


Thursday, August 9, 2018         6:00-8:00

Brunswick Community College Leland Center


Intro to SBA & Its Small Business Resources Programs


The U.S. Small Business Administration provides a variety of resources to assist small businesses. This course will help you gain knowledge that may help you grow your own small business opportunities through SBA programs and partnerships in your area.


In this overview of the SBA, earn about SBA alternative capital lending programs, how to qualify for lending assistance, natural disaster preparation and lending, take advantage of SBA managed procurement programs (HUBZONE and 8a) to help market your business to the federal government for women, minority owned, disabled veterans, and those lacking net worth of under $250k.


Tuesday, August 14, 2018        5:00-7:00

Brunswick Community College Main Campus Bolivia


How to Start a Restaurant


If you dream of starting a successful restaurant you should attend this fact-filled seminar. You will come away with important financial, operational and marketing perspectives about the restaurant industry and your potential place in it.


Topics covered will include: Industry Fundamentals, Restaurant Fundamentals, Personal Considerations, Planning for Restaurant Opening.


Wednesday, August 22, 2018   6:00-9:00

Brunswick Community College Main Campus Bolivia


Getting Lender Ready


This seminar covers what lenders look for when approving credit, factors that impact your ability to qualify for credit, how credit is scored, and the impact money management has on your future credit standing. By wisely acquiring and using credit, you can give yourself a tremendous tool to achieve your financial goals.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018        5:00-7:00

Brunswick Community College Leland Center


The 123’s of HR Management for Small Business Owners


Human Resource is an area of business management that if not done properly, can reap harsh consequences. Implementing the best systems assure one’s success. Learn about the responsibilities and basic rules of being in compliance when it comes to Human Resource Management of your business.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018             6:00-8:00

Brunswick Community College Main Campus Bolivia

Additional Free Seminars

Brunswick Business & Industry Incubator

The Business incubation programs are designed to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial occupants through an array of business support resources and services. These services are intended to increase the survival rate of occupants’ businesses for the retention of employees and to enhance business expansion opportunities to grow the local economy.






April Scott
Small Business Center Director

Angelita Renken
Facility Director, Leland Center

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