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Board of Trustees

  • Alan Holden
    Alan Holden
  • Susan Carroll
    Susan Carroll
  • Scott Evans
    Scott Evans
  • Sheila Grady
    Sheila Grady
  • Frank Iler
    Frank Iler
  • Ronnie Jenkins
    Ronnie Jenkins
  • Myong Jensen
    Myong Jensen
  • Ellen Milligan
    Ellen Milligan
  • Michael Norton
    Michael Norton
  • Douglas Terhune
    Doug Terhune
  • Bud Thorsen
    Bud Thorsen
  • Les Tubb
    Les Tubb

Brunswick Community College Trustees sign the following Code of Conduct Pledge as a part of their responsibilities and dedication to BCC and the community.

Trustees Code of Conduct Pledge


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