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Disability Resources

The Office of Disability Resources oversees Brunswick Community College’s disability accommodation process for student with disabilities to provide equal access to BCC’s programs and services consistent with both the American with Disability Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Our friendly staff is committed to assisting students with disabilities by:

  • ensuring equal access in the classroom and
    throughout the college
  • providing consultation to faculty regarding
    academic accommodations, legal compliance
    responsibilities, and instructional support
  • determining accommodations that are
    appropriate and consistent with medical
  • teaching self-advocacy
  • increasing college-wide disability awareness
    and sensitivity

Prospective applicants, newly admitted or returning students seeking accommodations, should contact the Office of Disability Resources to arrange for accommodation services.

Disability Services

All students must self-identify to the Office of Disability Resources preferably at least 30 days prior to the start of each semester to allow a reasonable amount of time to review and implement arrangements with instructors and staff. Students who need provisional accommodations or have a temporary physical impairment must also self-identify through the Office of Disability Resources to request accommodation services.

Generally, a student must provide documentation that identifies their current level of functioning for the College to assess accommodation needs. Medical documentation is kept confidential and is only used to assist students in providing program access and accommodation services.

Students transitioning from high school into college or transferring from another higher education institution are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources to tour the campus, review program offerings, and discuss accommodation services.

Scope of Services

Access to Class Notes

  • Permission provided to audio-record class
  • Access to professor’s notes when available
  • Access to the copy/print services
  • Provision of note-taking paper
  • Volunteer note-takers are recruited to assist in
    obtaining class lecture notes

Exam Accommodations

  • Extended time
  • Quiet/Low distraction setting
  • Oral exams
  • Use of technology to type essays
  • Readers and/or scribes
  • Alternative test formats

Technical Access

  • Assistance with obtaining course
    textbooks on CD
  • Textbooks converted to electronic text
  • Access to assistive technology software

Accessible Classrooms

  • Preferential seating
  • Sign language interpreter or transcription
  • Accessible desk and seating

Accommodation Requests

Step 1: Schedule a Disability Services Intake appointment with the Office of Disability Resources to review the College’s accommodation process and documentation requirements.

Step 2: If not already done so, have your disability documented by a qualified professional such as a physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Contact your high school to obtain a copy of your latest IEP/504. Submit original documentation to the Office of Disability Resources.

Step 3: Once documentation has been received and approved, Letters of Accommodation will be sent to your instructors informing them of your approved accommodation. Accommodations are not retroactive from the date approved.

Step 4: To implement approved accommodations, meet with your instructor(s) to schedule your accommodation needs. These guidelines and procedures are provided to help students with disabilities develop self-advocacy skills. If at any time a student feels that he or she is having trouble or did not get what he or she needs, the student should return to the Office of Disability Resources for additional assistance.

To learn more

Office of Disability Services
Visit Building A, Room 223


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