Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a number of ways to get involved with Brunswick Community College Foundation, and many of them do not require a financial donation.

Events – The Foundation needs volunteers to assist in staffing fundraising events.
Serve on a subcommittee – The BCC Foundation plans a number of events and campaigns to raise dollars and awareness for BCC and its students. We value the community’s input into these efforts and welcome new ideas and energy.
Become a mentor – There are mentorship opportunities available through Women in Philanthropy and Leadership, as well as the BCC Student Ambassadors program.
Administrative support – The Foundation receives administrative support from volunteers to help us produce many mailings that result in scholarships for students.

To find out more about ways to get involved, contact the foundation at


The Women in Philanthropy and Leadership at Brunswick Community College (WPLB) organization is dedicated to revolutionizing how women consider and grant charitable contributions. The WPLB re-defines the giving process and identifies it as a philanthropic “investment” in everyone’s future—but, especially in the lives of women and children. These investments, including an education objective, can create positive, life-changing results. The power of united resources and talents can create positive outcomes on a personal level and beyond. In addition to philanthropy within the community the organization inspires leaders by encouraging women’s involvement through personal development projects and networking. It promotes an agenda of contribution such that every woman can be an integral part of a team in order to address the challenges facing women and children.

Combined talents, proper planning and creative thinking truly can lead to genuine change. Grass roots can lead to global solutions. The WPLB is setting the table for the community through leadership, fundraising, advocacy, and mentoring. Membership is open to all who support the purpose and goals of the organization through financial commitment and various service initiatives in the community.


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