Brunswick Community College’s Continuing Education, Economic and Workforce Development Department offers educational training for trades that enables individuals to secure a job in a high demand industry.  The trades courses are designed for students that are seeking programs that accelerate the development of employability skills and lead to national credentials. Students enrolled in workforce development trades courses can experience a series of interconnected educational training programs that can be completed in six months or less.  These trades include:

Auto Mechanic Trouble Shooting

Building Construction

Construction Blueprint Reading

Carpentry Technician I (Framing & Roofing)

Computer Repair/A+ Certification

Electrical Technician

General Contractor

Heating & Air Condition (HVAC) I

Heating & Air Condition (HVAC) II

Industrial Facilities Maintenance

Machine Technology- Basic Course

Machine Technology Registered Paid Apprentice (Optional)

Machine Technology- Advanced Course

Plumbing Technician

Plumbing & Electrical Tech (Basic Entry Level)

Solar Installer

Technical Pipe Fabrication I

Welding I

Welding II

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