Culinary Arts

If you long to create inspiring cuisine using classical techniques, you’ve come to the right place. Creative entrees, artisan breads, charcuterie, French pastries—this is just the beginning of what students will learn here at Brunswick Community College Culinary Arts Program.

Brunswick Community College Culinary Arts program prepares future working cooks and chef assistants in providing courses for students desiring personal enrichment and enhancing the skills and professional qualifications of chefs and cooks currently employed in the industry. The program provides students with intensive professional and practical experience and a hands-on approach to the daily operation of a professional kitchen. Our programs focus on cooking skills development, problem-solving, and challenging students to critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of culinary operations and identify entrepreneurial approaches to operations.

Employment in the foodservice area is growing and will continue to grow in Brunswick County. Some career possibilities include positions in restaurants, clubs, bakeries, hotels, and institutions. There are many different kinds of kitchen organization and, as a result, position titles vary.

Here are some examples:
• Chef de cuisine
• Sous chef
• Expediter
• Cooks and Assistants

So if you love food, fine dining, and getting creative in the kitchen: follow your culinary passion! A career in the culinary arts may be the right path for you, Bon-appetit.

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Culinary Foundations

This course will enable students to gain a fundamental understanding of safety, sanitation, and food preparation principles associated with commercial food service. Instruction will include project-based learning, portion control, inventory, teamwork, guest speakers, customer  experiences, and feedback. Industry recognized credentials can be earned during this course. 

Intro to Baking: Cupcakes – Tiny Treats, Big Fun

This course will teach the fundamentals of preparation from scratch, different types of cupcakes, flavorings, colors, icing and decorating tips. Other topics include tools and equipment used, the proper use of them, baking terminology, ingredients, and kitchen safety. Upon completing this course, the student will be able to successfully bake, decorate, and serve.

Serv Safe

This course is designed for students who desire an occupation in or are employed in the food service industry. Emphasis will be placed on: attitude development; sanitation and safety; food service terminology and procedure; tools and equipment; and basic food preparation. An additional fee for the final exam will be required at the time the student takes the exam during the final class. The fee must be paid with a credit card.


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