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Confidential Business Counseling

Small Business Centers provide local, experienced counselors as advisers for new and existing businesses. Available on an as needed basis, this confidential service acts as a sounding board for new ideas and/or concerns you may have about your business. Our professional staff will help you find solutions to your challenging business questions. No question is too simple or complicated. There is no charge for this service. For services or questions in Spanish, please call Marilyn Graham at 910-755-8561.

CINErG Co-Working Space

Do you dream of starting your own business and find yourself at the kitchen table pulling your hair at a loss of where to start? If you answered YES, you may need the assistance of the Small Business Center and a membership with CINErG (Center for Innovative Networking & Entrepreneur Groups). This space will provide a physical location to independent workers, entrepreneurial start-up or virtual workers who desire a sense of community and synergy. In addition to meeting space, networking and nurturing emerging businesses, here at Brunswick Community College’s Co-working Space you can get basic business necessities such as Wi-Fi access, printing and copying, flexible space, support, etc.

To apply, simply complete the membership application and return to April Scott at Please indicate which membership package you prefer.

Once we review and approve your application someone from the Small Business Center will contact you. Please remember this space is for those that are interested in starting a business or are in the stages of establishing a business.

Business Seminars and Workshops

Small Business Centers offer a wide variety of seminars and workshops to help small businesses become successful. Some of the topics include:

  • How to Start a Business
  • How to write a Business Plan
  • Financing Your Business
  • Bookkeeping and Taxes
  • Marketing for Success


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Small Business Center Network

Upcoming Seminars

Budget Planning for Your Non-Profit

Nonprofit organizations have limited resources and represent funds entrusted to their organization; officers have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that every dime of this money is spent wisely. Spending money and spending it wisely is not the same. No matter who or what the organizations, all have one thing in common: the need to achieve their goals and objectives with limited resources. This 3 hour seminar is designed to assist nonprofit directors and officers to develop budgeting skills necessary to reach their full potential.

  09/03/19 09/03/19 9-12 T Free Leland



Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising seminar is designed with local business owners and entrepreneurs in mind. We will present a detailed examination of the paid social media landscape with a primary focus on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sharing a complete example of a paid social media campaign that will take participants from budgeting to planning, execution, results analysis, and subsequent fine-tuning, adjustments, and campaign tweaking.

  09/05/19 09/05/19 5-8 TH Free Leland



Getting Loan Ready Lunch & Learn

Are you seeking capital to start, expand or acquire a business? Join us for a lunch and learn discussion about access to capital and opportunities to start or expand your business. You will learn about how to fund your venture, identify sources of capital, how to get “Loan Ready”, how to complete loan applications, understanding the personal financial statements, how to project a 12 month Profit & Loss statement and five steps to a commercial business loan. Everything that is available to help you succeed.

  09/10/19 09/10/19 11-1 T Free Leland


Storm Safety, Preparedness and Response

Small and large businesses inevitably can lose sales opportunities when storms strike but having a plan in place can get you back in business faster. It’s important that you understand your risk, develop a preparedness and mitigation plan, and take action. Doing so will not only increase the safety of employees and customers, but it will help you remain in business after disasters.

08/12/19          09/12/19                      9-11     TH        Free                 Main




C.R.A.S.E….Citizens Response in an Active Shooter Event in Businesses

Is your business prepared for a possible active shooter? In this seminar, participants will learn about disaster response and how to prepare for and respond to being trapped inside a building during an active shooter event. You will learn steps to take to assist law enforcement and to limit casualties. The seminar is built on the Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy.

  09/18/19 09/18/19 10-12 W Free Main



Understanding P&L and Balance Sheets for Start-Ups

Did you know that everything that happens in your business affects the balance sheet? This seminar answers the questions most often asked by business owners and those writing a business plan: What is a balance sheet and why does it “balance”? Why does my business need a balance sheet? The presenter offers clear and understandable examples to provide you with a better understanding of this often overlooked financial statement.

  09/18/19 09/18/19 6-8 W Free Main



Starting and Operating a Home Based Business

Have you dreamed of or even dabbled in starting a home-based business? Maybe you love the idea of working from home but haven’t yet taken action to officially set up your company. If you’re looking for a road map to making your dream a reality, this seminar will walk you through a basic process and considerations for setting up a business from your home.

  09/24/19 09/24/19 6-8 T Free Southport/Oak Island Area Chamber of Commerce



Understanding Landlord Tenant Laws

Are you thinking of starting a rental business? Do you know landlord tenant law governs the rental of commercial and residential property? State laws cover many aspects of the landlord tenant relationship, from security deposits to landlord access to rental property. This seminar will include the statutes pertaining to landlord- tenant law in North Carolina, as well as specific rules on issues such as security deposit limits and deadline for return, and landlord notice to enter rental property. Knowledge of state law is crucial, as a landlord you want to run a profitable business and protect your investment. Want to avoid legal hassles when it comes to rent, deposits, repairs, and other key issues? This seminar is for you.

  09/25/19 09/25/19 4-6 W   Free Leland



Withholding 101


Are you unsure of the difference between how or when to hire someone as a contractor vs an employee? Here you can learn the difference and what’s best for your business as well as ensuring you understand your withholding obligations when you hire new employees.

  09/26/19 09/26/19 5-7 TH Free Main

Additional Free Seminars

Brunswick Business & Industry Incubator

The Business incubation programs are designed to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial occupants through an array of business support resources and services. These services are intended to increase the survival rate of occupants’ businesses for the retention of employees and to enhance business expansion opportunities to grow the local economy. Wilson_SBC_4c_glow